VacationHomerun LLC. is led by a team of professionals experienced creating the leading fortune 50 commerce websites in the world.  Adding to our esatablished technical expertise, we incorporate years of years of hands on experience in managing vacation rental properties.  This website and business was created out of the need to manage our own vacation rentals effectively in todays web based and highly distributed busines model.  We realise that the benefits of owning a vacation rental property is rewarding both personally and financially, and as always there is room for improvement.
Mark Bodman - CEO

Mark posses more than 20 years of experience in the high tech and computer industry with broad practical experience including product development, IT portfolio management, marketing, professional services, quality assurance and development.  Previously, Mark spent 9 years at Dell in multiple roles including Enterprise Architect, development manager and lead architect. Prior to Dell, Mark held 2 positions at Keyfile Corp. as Sr.  Technical Training instructor and in Professional Services.   Before that, Mark held 3 different roles at Imaging Technologies leading quality assurance, and professional services.  Mark began his career with 4 years of service to his country in the US Army intelligence in technical support and maintenance of systems critical to national defense.

Henry Jackowski - Architect

Henry posses oer 20 years of experience in both fortune 50 and smaller organizations where he has successfully led the technical development of multiple solutions to market.  Most recently at Dell, Henry led the development of the credit systems and assisted in the development of credit rules.  Previsous to Dell, Henry worked for a number of organizations leading the development of Besides his technical experience, Henry posses a strong customer accumen, leading the business requirements definition leading to clever technical solutions.

Siva Neelakantan - Lead Developer

Siva has more than 10 years of expereince as a Sr. developer at fortune 100 organizations and state agencies delivering web based solutions.  Recently, Siva spent 4 years at Dell Computers leading the development of the fraud and credit systems.
arrowA BRIEF HISTORY by CEO Mark Bodman
Vacation HomeRun is more than 4 years in the making, built on the experience of real vacation home owners experience.  Started in 2003, the we evolved this site to cover our particular needs to manage our vacation homed beginning with the ability to quickly generate a quote.  We soon added capabilities to track our quotes, take payments, aid paying our state and county tax authorities and synchronizing calendars between all the sited out home was posted on.
Soon after purchasing our first vacation home, we learned that we could not blindly trust our management company blindly.  We needed to track our advertising source effectiveness and the finances.  The primary drivers for us are to help saving time managing our home and ensure our guest had a the best experience possible so they would choose to come back to our home, many have.  We now effectively avoided creating double bookings, effectively set our rates, take and track payments.
While we worked diligently in improving our website, we witnessed many of our fellow vacation home owners making the same mistakes we had, in dire need of similar functionality we had built.  It then dawned on us that we could expose this functionality and help everyone .
 We learned many lessons the hard way and have heard many more horror stories from fellow home owners.  We now enjoy our vacation with less worry about the management pitfalls.  We believe you will find this true as well with the capabilities we have brought you.  Don't just take our word, try it now for free.  You won't be disappointed!